instants1 Bangkok 2009
mélange étrange 2010
trans-form 2013
"ghosts", Spazier ludens2 2013
roundabout 2016

  in process     

miniature dances of 1-2 dancers or 1 dancer/1 musician can be booked for short performances for up to 5 persons, in front of your house, in your back yard...
get in touch for bookings!

bits'n pieces: research on translating digital techniques and methods into the analogue, June/July/August/October
open doors at Rote Fabrik Zh  July 24th
Zentralwäscherei Zh Aug 12th, Oct 7th

David and Goliath, (in planning) collaboration with sound artist Vivian Wang on scales and intimacy

lonesome?threesome (in preparation) set-up between digital and analog; interacting instantaneously with the projection of your dialogue-partner



bits'n pieces  

final public showing of research  & open discussion            

Zentralwäscherei Zürich, Halle       Thursday Oct 7th 18h

digital methods in the analogue


join us for city walks :

Sept 30 17h in Winterthur, Unterer Graben

Oct 1st 11h Zh Max Frisch Platz, 17h Altstetten Platz

Oct 7th 17h Aarau, Alte Reithalle

Oct 8th Bern 11h Waisenhausplatz, 17h Hirschengraben

mit: Anna Dahinden, Tanja Dorigo, Ursina Bösch, Vera Küng, Lea Eberle, Sascha Daeschler, Angela Stoecklin



a dance related exhibition

first version November 2022

Amman, Jordan with Studio8

cancelled until the situation stabilizes


my heart bleeds for those artists who have to hide, whose hands and mouths are tied. Whose passion made them stand and who are now forced down to their knees. Of all places on this earth there is one called home. Its there...

  upcoming events