instants1 Bangkok 2009
mélange étrange 2010
trans-form 2013
"ghosts", Spazier ludens2 2013
roundabout 2016

  in process     

miniature dances of 1-2 dancers or 1 dancer/1 musician can be booked for short performances for up to 5 persons, in front of your house, in your back yard...
get in touch for bookings!

safe new world, or "party on the planet"
installation with Antje Brueckner

bits'n pieces: research on translating digital techniques and methods into the analogue, June/July/August/October
open doors at Rote Fabrik Zh  July 22nd, 29th
Zentralwäscherei Zh Aug 12th, 13th, Oct 7th

David and Goliath, (in planning) collaboration with sound artist Vivian Wang on scales and intimacy

lonesome?threesome (in preparation) set-up between digital and analog; interacting instantaneously with the projection of your dialogue-partner

m.a.p.collective will soon share their online improvisations live with you

experiential exploratory space in collaboration with Studio8 in Amman
 odds and ends
  upcoming events



city walks on May 11th at AWB (ArchitekturWoche Basel), start 5pm Claraplatz

with Anna Dahinden, Anna-Julia Plichta, Léa Iannone, Tanja Dorigo, Vera Kueng

Parandeh on May 12th 2022 01:00 CET at Marco de GarmaDance Virtual Saloon Series NYC

remake of TREMOLO at PANCH Soziale Eleganz, park of Museum Tingueli, Basel, July 13th around 18:00

invitation for Festival Afrik UrbanArts

postponed till September 2022, Abidjan Côte d'Ivoire with "vibrations", duo with Ivan Wolfe


workshops 2022


Improvisation / Instant Composition

June 17, 18; Nov 18,19 

at Tanzdach Dynamo

in-between and other spaces

relating and relationship, workshop at "one week peace" in Austria has to be postponed to August 2022 due to C-19

"city dances" had been re-invited to FIDCDMX 2021 in August. Unfortunately we had to cancel due to lack of funding!

(see the fusion projects)

both workshops "contemporary dance"     and "Instant Composition" at Studio fer fer e

are on hold

"even a voyage of one thousand miles begins with a single step"