instants1 Bangkok 2009
mélange étrange 2010
trans-form 2013
"ghosts", Spazier ludens2 2013
roundabout 2016

  in process     

performances during Corona-restrictions:
(in process)
miniature dances of 1-2 dancers or 1 dancer/1 musician can be booked for short performances for up to 5 persons, in front of your house, in your back yard...
get in touch for bookings!
"between heaven and hell", research on flocking, group dynamics and individualism 
project in process with x-group and dancers from "city dances"
performances: May 31, June1, 7, 8, 10
(for more infos see "the fusion projects")
lonesome?threesome (in preparation)
set-up between digital and analog; interacting instantaneously with the projection of your dialogue-partner
odds and ends

"even a voyage of one thousand miles begins with a single step"


upcoming events

the musician Peter Pirhosseinloo and I meet in an improvised performance somewhere between Iran and Switzerland. "Parandeh" (birds) will be shown in a live-online-performance on April 6th at 7.30pm CET / 10pm Iranian time at re-connect Festival.

Join Zoom Meeting


I am very happy to have been invited with this piece to the online-Festival "Gate of Tehran" 2020 by House No4.

the performance was online on Dec 17. 18.30 CET

 "city dances" has been re-invited to FIDCDMX 2021 in August. We are still looking for funding!

(see the fusion projects)

next workshop in Zurich

Improvisation / Instant Composition

June 5 /6 2021Tanzdach Dynamo

play with the impossible

cancelled: performance at the Kunsthalle Appenzell in the exhibition APP’N’CELL NOW, as part of Gisa Frank's solo-performance project Anwesenheit

both workshops "contemporary dance"     and "Instant Composition" at Studio fer fer e

 April 27th-May1st - May 8th 2020

 are cancelled because of Covid-19

 I hope to be there as soon as traveling  restrictions can be loosened!

2020_Angela Stoecklin_the fusion projects2020

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