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Angela Stoecklin

dancer, choreographer, researcher, teacher


+41 79 408 14 17



Neugasse 33, CH - 8005 Zurich

Date of Birth: January 16th 1963

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works of my own


2024          in preparation: dis/comfort zone, dynamics of change (interdisciplinary project)

2023          UMARMUNGEN, duo in collaboration with Anna Dahinden

2023          MESH, installation in collaboration with Antje Brueckner

2022          "bits'n pieces",researching digital techniques and methods in the analogue

2022          "safe new world" (party on the planet), installation in collaboration with A. Brueckner

2020/21/22    Parandeh, online Instant Composition with Iranian musician Peter Pierhosseinloo 

              (Festival “gate of Tehran”; re-connect Festival; Festival Afrik UrbanArts, Abidjan;

              Virtual saloon series, Mark de Garmo NYC)      

2019 – 21     “between heaven and hell”, outdoor project on group dynamics

2020 / 22     “city walks”, SEEDS Festival Stuttgart, Architektur Woche Basel

2018 /19      “city dances”, outdoor instant composition project, Zurich, Shanghai

2017          SPACE nr2, rain, installation performance

2016          “roundabout, windows of opportunity”, installative performance with                                     A.Brückner, light, A. Caminada, sound

2015          SPACE nr1 “floating”, Soloversion and Trioversion with A.Brueckner and                                  A.Caminada

2014/15       „erfrischend anders“, artistic research on interdisciplinarity with movement, sound,                     light and space

2014/15       one hand clapping, collaboration with Jan Schacher, CH, Cuba, Tokyo

2013/14       dense moments – a song cycle, collaboration with Jan Schacher, CH

2013/14       sounding bodies – moving sounds, collaboration with Jan Schacher, CH, India, Cuba

2013          „Particular Dogs“ with Angela Rabaglio, sound S.Berz

2013          „ghosts“ (Spazio Ludens 2), installative performances with A.Brueckner, light, A.                                  Caminada, sound, M. Rueegg, space

2012          “trans-form” (collaboration with M-C Reber, music und Jan Schacher, video, image,                         interaction)

2011          “spazio ludens Labyrinth1” (walk-in installation)

2011          Zona Incognita (collaboration with videoartist J. Berrettini), stromereien festival 2011

2009 / 10     mélange étrange (dance/image/sound-performance  with D. Zehnder, J. Berrettini, H.                         Buehler, G. Dihlmann)

2008-10       move2 (research music/dance with sensor-linkage with M-C Reber and J. Schacher)

2007/08       move1 (collaboration with the composer M-C Reber)

2006          bon voyage (installative performance) 

2005          TREMOLO (performance, lenghth variable: 4h, 20min, 1h)

2004          “inter too” / inside/outside

2003          „inter” (site specific)

1999          “good morning, dancer” (collaboration with Eliane Kuenzig)

1996          CONTRA

1992          Labyrinth




I regularly do Instant Composition Performances in varying constellations, often as collaboration of musicians and dancers (ao 2020 online improvisation with the musician Peter Pirhosseinloo for “Gate of Tehran”, Festival, Beta Stage Bern, 2017 “schimmernd”, 2008 – 16 collab with J. Schacher, since 2014 CoexisDance, 2012 collab with Markus Gsell, 2010 TARA productions, since 2003 x-group)


work experience 

having started as freelance dancer in various companies and productions I still enjoy working for other choreographers. Being inspired by their approaches, their ideas, thoughts, imagery, and getting creative towards that.


2023           "dance me to the end", research dance and age/ing, competencies, shift of interests
2023/24        MMI (Mensch, Maschine, Interaction), artistic research on sound, movement and                          interaction in an installation with sound speakers on pendulums at ICST / ZHdK with                    Annkathrin Poepel (composing), and Peter Faerber (technology)

               performance RaumKlangKörper 

2022/23/24     biotic projections with the team of Lyn Bentschik, Zurich
2019           no woman no cry, BBB-productions, Anna Heinimann, Bern, Zurich

2017           Frau Stähli geht vorbei, Tina Mantel, Zürich

2016           Plädoyer für das Jetzt, Fasson Theater (dir., chor. Nelly Bütikofer), Lachen

2014 -16       moving music: interaktive music-dance projekct, artistic work as part of J. Schacher’s                 research-project mgm (motion gesture music)


2013           vain combat, Douglas Dunn,  “moving the city“, Biel

2012           TPO –Project JaJaJa, Pearson / Widrig

2010/11        “all I do” Alice und Komplizen, Angelika Ächter, Zürich

2008           Compagnia Vitale, Tessin

                        “Wo ist Hartmann” (chor. Corinna Vitale)

2007           co.ainsi.danse, Biel

                        “zeit.zellen” (chor. Susanne Müller Nelson)

1998-2004      Denise Lampart Compagnie, Zürich

                        "Les Garsces","Jalouscity","fog tropes","Shockheaded Peter”

2001/2002      "neuglas", "standpunkt" (chor. Eva Richterich),Zürich

2001/2002      David Hernandez, Brüssel

                        "piles","crowd","box" (performance art)

                        "blueprint's shadow", "blueprint"

2001           th53 ( dir. Daniel Kayser, chor. Andrea Herdeg), London

                        "I'm vertical"

1999-2000      Fasson Theater (dir./chor. Nelly Bütikofer), Lachen

                        "Violetta.Maria.", "Agrippina"(Solo)

1999           wip Tanztheater (chor. Eva Mennel), St Gallen


1993/95/99     Tina Mantel

                        "Manntje,Manntje,Timpe Te!", "Terpsichores Fest",

                        "Gipfeltanz" (innerhalb des internat. Bildhauersymposiums),Rigi

1998           Danza Momento (chor. Jesus Gonzalez-Cruz)

                      "En Mi Calle"(Solo)

1996-97        Tamuté Dance Company (chor. Erwin Schumann),Zürich

                      "Go+Stop? Stop+Go?", "Danach", "Images"

1995           Jean Isaacs

                      "Preludes and Passages","Geography of risks"

1993-95        cie n'est-ce pas (chor. Bettina Holzhausen), Zürich

                      "Nur nicht mit den Füssen den Boden berühren","Quasi un fantasia",

                      "nachtschatten", "carré blanc"

1992/96        Tanztheater Renate Killmann, Freiburg im Breisgau

                      "Zeitenläufe", Quintett"

1991-93        zet-Tanztheater (chor, Elvi Leu), Zürich

                      "Ruthli's Schwur"

1989-90        Compagnie Muriel Bader, Zürich

                      "Für Georges", "Montagabend Georgette"

1982-84        Jiolia Pyrokakou, St Gallen

                      "Wir funktonieren", "Wir?", "Freude und Friede", "Die Entstehung",

                      "Focus", "Die Vögel", "Tango Argentino" (im Circus Trettini)




2001            Heidi Köpfer, Basel


1996            Claude Perrotet, Zürich

                      "Raum-Tanz" (Dokumentation: Labanstudien von Lisa Ullmann)

1991            Roger Merguin

                      "Corpo Pompieri"

1986            Tanz-Video mit Jost Osswald, Basel






2022             Freiraum, work-grant from the Canton of Zurich for "bits', pieces"

2021             6 month work-grant Covid 19 from the city of Zurich


2019             invitation to the symposium SENS(e)ATION of the society for dance-research together                    with Chris Lechner and Sunita Asnani at ZHdK with a workshop on the tuning scores


2018             staging / choreography for “Dann in jener Nacht” of the female choir “vox feminae”,                    director   Franziska Welti


2018             invitation to MTD (Mind the Dance) lab-residency and symposium of IDOCDE -                              International Documentation of Contemporary Dance Education in Vienna


2016             invitation to the symposium „sound-traces-moves“ of the society for dance-research                      with the lecture performance moving music to Salzburg


2015             „undisclosed - disclosed“ (group-work), winning project “Kunst am Bau”-competition, 

                 Sihlcity, Zurich


2005             invitation to the choreographic laboratory “Dance Link CH & NRW in Lausanne

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