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I discovered acupressure when I was still giving massages to earn some extra bucks between projects, and was looking for a technique which would allow me to get more into depth with hands-on body work. Somehow my interest in eastern philosophy which had already manifested itself in taking up practicing Taijiquan led me to Chinese Medicine, without knowing what I'd get myself into. The down to earth - ness and at the same time deep complexity fascinate me. It is body-work but contains body mind and spirit as an entity. It seems to bring myself to peace with the world...



By teaching this art I enjoy accompanying young people into a new field and seeing them discover and integrate this eastern approach to being. It allows me to re-analyze and get more into depth with my own understanding of the matter.

A new course of acupressure therapy at  Paracelsus school in Zurich Oerlikon is planned for autumn 24 / spring 25. 

Since 2003 I work and accompany clients in my praxis in Zurich.

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my treatments are being covered by most supplementary health insurances of Switzerland. Since 2021 I hold the federal diploma for complementary therapy.

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