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I prefer the word sharing to teaching. I am sharing a practice, my process of exploration, my thoughts, my questions... I am getting inspired and carried further by those who I can share with. I am inspired by movement, by visuals, music, by everyday concerns and philosophical approaches to questions at hand. Reflection and interaction are always part of the cycle in exploration.

I enjoy all the different contexts this happens in: professional classes, education for dancers, musicians, visual artists, body-workers, therapists, interdisciplinary groups, intercultural surroundings, or just curious minds...

 dance and movement 

dance improvisation
Instant Composition

"beyond wrongdoing and  rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there" (Jalaladdin Rumi)

in my workshops on dance improvisation / Instant Composition I follow my passion for process-oriented work.

Each workshop  takes one theme as base for exploration and entering into the field of improvising. 

there is three steps:

- generating movement and how to modulate it

- putting it into relation with others, space and time

- relating it over time into composition

I enjoy leading through intense days, weekends or whole weeks as they allow to go into depth with the material. Going from led individual exploration we find into relating the material to others, and eventually practice making pieces.

please get in touch if interested in bookings!

upcoming workshops:

2024 focusses on the three magic steps into Instant Composing: individual motivation into movement, in relation to time, space and the others, in relation to the evolving piece


September 7th 2024    

November 9th 2024     at Tanzwerkstatt , Magnusstrasse 5, 8004 Zurich

Studio fer fer e, "relating and relationship"

                         on hold due to political reasons... I hope to be there as 

                   soon as the situation eases!


I also teach Improvisation for mixed groups of dancers and musicians to explore interaction between these two media

        weekly "movement lab" on Mondays 10.15 - 11.45 (since after the lockdown 2020)

                                                  Tanzwerkstatt, Magnusstrasse 3, 8004 Zurich

                             any body curious for movement is welcome to join any time!

          this wonderful cycle between the doing and the reflecting in process-oriented body-mind - work

           diving deeply into physical issues, finding refined approaches and differentiations, joyfully exploring, following the curiosity for movement and through that                            nourishing and enriching it 

           We have explored body/mind-themes based on the Chinese Medicine cycle of the five elements, their related meridians and organs, and aspects which can be                      researched physically (can be held as a 5-day intensive (or 3-day / 2-day). Get in touch if interested)

           Summer 2022-23 I did a cycle focussing on the senses seeing, hearing/listening and touch. perception based body-mind centering...

           Now I am diving into duality principles support / being supported; tension / release; stability / instability; being aware / being in others' awareness....

body and movement

"the body serves for more than just carrying your head around "

In these classes my aim is to awaken a sense for this "instrument" we call body. Perception, sensing, playing... 

It is designed for very different groups of players:

1)artists of other media than dance, who are often little trained in being aware of what the body does, how it is positioned in space or to others, how it can serve your art more.


- singers learn means to open spaces in the body that help resonate the voice and help breath to travel more freely

- performance artists become aware that this body fulfilling the actions of their performative concept actually says something, is being seen as part of the action, and is read according to how the action is being done. They then learn how this can become a conscious part of their act

- people not in the arts get a sense of how we can make use of our body in a functional way, where we build unnecessary tension, how a poise relates to others and the surrounding

2)professional, semi-professional or just passionate movers/dancers who want to explore movement from different points of view. In a lab-setting this sensorial, reflective, perceptive, physical practice focusses on refined and differentiated approaches to movement and the body

2015-09-16 11.32.39.jpg

workshops: dramaturgy, interdisciplinary playground, approaches to composition
exerpts from IDEA21 Amman, Jordan:


please contact me if interested!


TAiji Signet Angela.jpg

my personal sign given to me by my teacher T. Kitamura for my certification as Taijiquan instructor

Taijiquan / Qi Gong

Taijiquan, a soft martial arts form, helped me find better coordination in my body, learning about connectedness of every part in whichever movement I do. Qi Gong started easing out superfluous tension.

Both Taiqiquan and Qi Gong can be practiced also by elder people and people with injuries or pain, as they help moving without putting stress on any body part. Qi Gong in addition is practiced as a healing art. There is specific exercises for each organ and for the seasons according to Chinese Medicine.

ongoing Qi Gong class at Rheumaliga Zurich    Wednesdays 10:00 - 11:00                                          (class alternated by different teachers)

for information contact Rheumaliga Zurich 0041 44 405 45 52

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