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teaching experience

I consider teaching a sharing process. I'm interested in clarity, precision and process-orientation, wether in a technique class or an exploratory format. I believe that only by understanding how I do something I will be able to master what I do. Asking questions allows me to find a variety of paths and to differentiate. It kindles my curiosity to not fall into habits, or to dwell in them when desired.

list of teachings










since 2014




2005 - 2010


music / dance interaction








bewegt. empirische Forschung und/als Performance at Philosophisch historische Fakultät University Basel, co-teaching with Anna Dahinten


movement improvisation / Instant Compositionworkshop for the theater group VOR ORT, Berne


workshop (online) at "gate of Tehran" Festival, Dec 21

inter-disciplinary playground

workshop-series at IDEA 21 Amman, Jordan


inter-disciplinary playground

approaches to composition

Stuttgart SEEDS Festival body and architecture

Shanghai, ateliers on relating and relationality in dance improvisation 

studio fer fer e ateliers on dance improvisations

regular improvisation / Instant Composition intensives, Zurich, Switzerland


Patravadi Theater scholarship programme, Bangkok, Thailand


m.a.Studio, Baden, Switzerland

Improvisation in a theater workshop, Toscany, Italy

3331 Arts Chijoda, Tokyo, Japan

ISA (Instituto Superior de Artes), Habana, Cuba

Kha foundation Bangalore, India

Gati dance, Danceworx senior & junior company, Delhi, India


Bangalore, Kottayam, India 

movement research


since 2020

body and movement


since 2018



2013 - 16

2012 / 16

contemporary dance


since 2005

since 2016

since 1995


1993 - 95

1991 / 92

Taiji Quan / Qi Gong
2003 - 2015
2011 -2014
since 2006


regular movement lab, exploring and researching different approaches to and issues of movement, eg developed a series "wuxing" according to the five elements of Chinese Medicine


Pre College ZHdK (Zurich University of Arts)

“body, space and staging”, project week for the Propaedeutikum at Arts School Bern(Schule für Gestaltung), Switzerland 


project week at BGS Chur, Switzerland (bachelor programme for medical and psychological care)

opera-singers’ bachelor studies programme Zurich conservatory (ZHdK), Switzerland

contemporary master class for dancers over 40

dance and movement classes for elders


contemporary technique (substitutions at HF for Urban & Contemporary Dance Zurich, m.a.Studio Baden, Ballettzentrum Zurich, Zurich Tanz-Theater Schule, Modern Movers Zurich, Studio 19A Zug, Ballettschule Forrer Baden, and others)

company training for cie n’est-ce pas

company training for zet-Tanztheater

TaijiQuan assistant for T. Kitamura, 24-Form, Yang style

TaijiQuan 24-Form

Qi Gong at Rheumaliga Zurich


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