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Festival Instant Composition

Aktualisiert: 2. Juni 2021

the Festival Instant Composition is a platform for real time composition. Habits of perception want to be refreshed and movement and composition be played out in multiple and surprising ways.

Interaction and collaboration are central issues, and according to point of view will affect the focus and program of each edition.

The third edition is planed for autumn 2021 (shifted due to the bottleneck in programming as a result to the pandemic).

Theme and focus will be collaboration:

  • inviting groups of dancers / musicians who have been collaboration on Instant Composition for a while

  • between different regions and cities in Switzerland, including the fresh speaking part

  • a mutual collaboration within a three-day residency of all the involved artists to prepare shared performances in the different cities

The first two editions of this Festival were a collaboration between Zirkusquartier Zurich and the fusion projects. The aim was to bridge contemporary dance and artistics. Eye and ear were invited to open up to similarities and differences.

There was performances and workshops to experience the art of the now as observer and with your own body

first edition February 2019

second edition March 2020

performances 2020

6.3.     Sina Nikolaus: dance /artistics          Andrea Kirchhofes: music

6.3.     Instant PIG: Lisa Thomas, Claudia Senoner: dance Oliver Prechtl: music

7.3.     Jonas Althaus, Julian Vogel, Josef Stiller: artistics Benjamin Brodbeck: music

7.3.     cie odos: Maja Zimmerlin: dance Kritonas Anastasopoulos: artistics          Eva-Maria Karbach, Alfred Zimmerlin: music

8.3.     Peter Aerni, Sunita Asnani, Gianna Gruenig, Chris Lechner,

Angela Stoecklin, Ivan Wolfe: dance

with the kind support of: Ernst Goehner Stiftung

Stadt Zurich Kultur (performance support)

performances 2019

14.2.      Kuan-Ling Tsai, Angela Stoecklin: dance

           Jan Schacher, Beat Unternährer: music

15.2.      Jonas Althaus: juggling; Volker Böhm: music

           Susanne Sanna Zoll, ropedance; Lia Schädler, acrobatics 


16.2.      Lilo Stahl, Michael Schumacher: dance

           Daniel Studer, Harald Kimmig, Alfred Zimmerlin: music

with the kind support of: Migros Genossenschaft

Stadt Zurich Kultur (performance support)

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