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Instant Composition projects

Aktualisiert: 29. Nov. 2023

nothing is as contemporary as that which is being created out of each moment

Instant Composition challenges me on multilayered issues. It has become one of my dearest means of creation. I am intrigued by the body-mind state of presence it gets me into. I feel it is one of those places which offer never-ending perspective.

I have been practicing improvisation and Instant Composition on a regular basis since 2001. Researching, teaching, performing and exchanging...

and it has never eased to keep me interested...

"city dances", 2018 Zurich

FIM Basel, September 26th 2023

grounded point in the middle, with Eva-Maria Karbacher (Saxophone), Dimos Vryzas (Violin, FX), Angela Stoecklin (dance)

Double Trio

Mullbau Lucerne, September 8th 2022

shared evening between Suzuribako Trio (Sebastian Strinnig Saxophone, Frantz Loriot Violin, Ayako Kato Dance).

Beat Unternährer Trombone, Diego Kohn Viola, Angela Stoecklin Dance:


In Parandeh Iranian musician Peter Pirhosseinlou and Swiss dancer Angela Stoecklin connect online, crossing the distance from Iran to Switzerland by interacting somewhere between virtual and real. Their instantly composed play reflects on physical presence of being there yet not.

Birds live between worlds. Likewise Parandeh creates a world between music and dance. The two artist are interested in interaction, states of coexistence, collaboration, presence. Their desire is dialogue on eye-level and playfully being challenged by the unknown and unpredictability of real-time composition. Driving each other on they hold a common space, weaving a net of sound and movement. Feeling responsibility to make a difference through their actions and attitude they keep hold of their exchange even in times when traveling and meeting are not possible.

Virtual Saloon Series, Mark de Garmo, NYC, live online May 12th 2022

gate of Tehran - festival, online Dec 6th 2021

Simorgh, with the band of House No4

Festival Afrik Urbanarts Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire July 10th 2021 Angela live, Peter online

re-connect festival, live online April 6th 2021

gate of Tehran - festival, online Dec 19th 2020

city walks

City walks is a performative tour through urban environment. Like land art it unravels what is there but often stays unnoticed. Body architecture meets urbanity, moving images meet dynamics of urban structures. The performers guide public's eye towards the flow of movement in a city, highlighting structures and pointing out hidden marks and signs, letting us discover the city through a sharpened lens.

Learning to live with globality we want to understand how we build networks to connect. Digitalization opens our consciousness towards how they are functioning through gaps. City walks is like filling those gaps, and designing the traces which the connections draw. Movement and the body materialize the energy of these relations.


30.September Winterthur

7.Oktober Zurich Oerlikon, Aarau

8. Oktober Bern

with Ursina Bösch, Lea Eberle, Anna Dahinden, Tanja Dorigo, Vera Kueng, Angela Stoecklin

thanks to Stadt Zurich Kultur, SIS

photo: Felix Dorigo

Architektur Woche Basel, May 11th

with Anna Dahinden, Tanja Dorigo, Léa Iannone, Vera Kueng, Anna-Julia Plichta, Angela Stoecklin

photos: Bruno Mürner

video: Franz Bannwart

September 2020, Seeds Festival Stuttgart

in the due of a two day workshop with local dancers we did a city walk in the old part of Stuttgart.

dancers: Laura Boertlein, Johanna Kufri, Daniela Naeger, Petra Strausky, Lisa, Angela Stoecklin


photos and video: Produktionszentrum E.V.

"between heaven and hell"

is a second outdoor project in collaboration with x-group and some dancers from the "city dances" on flocking, group-dynamic versus individualism.

Performances are planned in Zurich in Oerlikon West Max-Bill-Platz and Max-Frisch-Platz, Zurich Europaplatz at the main station and in front of the station Zurich Altstetten

dates: May 31st 2021,

June 1st, 7th, 8th, 10th 2021

Zurich: Max Bill Platz Oerlikon, Altstetter Platz, Utoquai

My interest in this topic rose, when considering performances in Islamic countries, where dance still is not really permitted in public. I asked myself how to bring movement in a group of people away from the individual body. Translating movement into spaciality and designing trajectories and energies by a group of people we need to understand and explore group dynamics. So I got interested in exploring flocking. The dichotomy of individualism and yielding to a group is inherent to this and is one of this project's main challenges.

This issue has been pursued by x-group since summer 2019.

photos: Christian Glaus

"city dances"

outdoor project

password: citydances_Zurich_18

“city dances”wants to bring dance to the people and be inspired by them and urban spaces. Which dances evolve where a city moves and the people of that city dwell? A group of performers create a dance on several days in an outdoor urban space.  In front of peoples’ eyes a new performance develops, they are let in into the creation process, and at the same time a performance piece passes by.“city dances” bases on improvisation and Instant Composition. This art values the influences of the momentary surrounding: sounds, architectural factors, human meetings, and involves these into building form and choreography, without wanting to be participative or provocative.

"city dances 1": Helvetiaplatz Zurich

24. - 28.09.2018 and 1. - 5. 10.2018          17.15 - 17.45 

dance: Mirjam Bührer, Jael Hiltbrunner, Sonia Rocha, Manel Salas,      Angela Stöcklin, Kuan-Ling Tsai, Marco Volta

with the kind support of Cassinelli-Vogel Stiftung, SIS Schweizer Interpretenstiftung

photos: Christian Glaus

"city dances 2" Shanghai Improvisation Festival 2019

4. September 2019        YUZ Museum

5., 8. September 2019   K11 dance: Angela Stöcklin, Rebecca Weingarten, Zoe Yuchien Cheng, Fei Jing Xiang, Jess, Marsell

music: Eldar Baruch, Wes Swing

"city dances 3" is invited to FIDCDMX (International Festival for Contemporary Dance of Mexico City)2020

due to the Corona lockdown this invitation was postponed for 2021, but for lack of finances could not take place

sounding bodies - moving sounds

dense moments - a song cycle

one hand clapping

an 8-year collaboration with Jan Schacher, music and interaction- technology. Researching, performing, co-teaching and exchanging in inter-cultural contexts.

We were searching for a linkage between the non-verbal art forms dance and music, where the body can take on the role of a musical instrument and music / sound obtains a physical form and expresses motion pattern. We were interested to find a crossing point where the two art forms become like one.

1) sounding bodies - moving sounds

I a) New Delhi / India, November 2013   

On invitation from the Sound Reasons Festival  Jan Schacher and myself got a residency through Pro Helvetia. This consisted of

- teaching workshops on improvisation and the interaction between music and dance for musicians and dancers

- preparing a performance with the Indian dancer Namrata and Swiss musician Lionel living in Delhi for the Sound Reasons Festival on Wed Nov 20th at the Alliance Francaise in New Delhi, password d3e3l9h6i8

(performance at Alliance Française 21.11.13) residency between Jan and myself for our project dense moments - a song cycle, password d3e3n6s2e3

(open-form music and dance work session)

b) Lausanne / Zurich August 2014 the four artists meet again for mutual working sessions in Lausanne, and a performance at Corner College in Zurich

II Habana / Cuba October 2014  - workshop for dancers, musicians and fine arts on interaction and improvisation at ISA (Instituto Superior de Bellas Artes) - performance at Teatro del Museo de Bellas Artes:         - "one hand clapping", Jan Schacher and Angela Stoecklin         - performance piece for pianist Sunlay Almeida Rodriguez

interacting with Jan Schacher (sounds)           and Angela Stoecklin (dramaturgy, action proposals)         - Instant Composition with two dancers and one musician from


thanks to the support of Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council and the Laboratorio de Musica Electroacustica, director Emmanuel Blanco

teaching on the relationship and interaction between music and dance in intercultural contexts

2) dense moments - a song cycle a) March 23rd 2014: performance at Atelier Herman, Hochdorf b) May 9th 2014: performance at Pantographe, Moutier following a five day residency there

3) one hand clapping, Tokyo / Japan December 2015

three week artistic residency at 3331 Arts Chiyoda

- Dec 16th performance at co-oh Studio

- 3 day collaboration and performance on Dec 17th at 3331 Arts Chiyoda with dancers Junya Ishii and Kota Nagaya, and musician Yuko Sasama 

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