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Aktualisiert: 1. Sept. 2023

since my childhood my experiencing of the world was very much influenced through sensing: colors, lights and shadows, sounds, textures, smells, kinetic perception

those soft almost blurred colors of hot dusty Iranian summers like hundred shades of ocre, the silhouette of the bare Alborz mountains, tree leaves at nightfall like images of strange creatures against a fading blue sky, and my lullaby being that of the Muezzin's prayer. The melody of the Farsi language, the arabesque of the writing. I loved listening to the song of the wind in the heat of midday air. The smell of first rain drops on dusty streets or just the smell of rain, the smell of fresh Barbari naan, that of herbs at the fruit stall, or of overripe sticky mulberries. Smell of morning dew on rose flowers and taste of fresh water. The touch of that soft air on my skin, and then the touch of the sun.

Later the clear and bright colors of Alpine lands cutting my eye until it almost hurt. I had to get used to the pencil sharp edges and lines of architecture and writing on signs. I had to get used to the coolness of the wind, the freshness of the air on my skin.

And I learned about counterpoint and that there is shadow to light, darkness to brightness, cold to warmth, a hard grip to softness, different tones to words and expressions.

Meanwhile I have travelled through music to fine arts to dance. To interdisciplinarity. To art...

which taught me not to judge

to play again

to loose myself and to find myself

gave me back wholeness

led me to reflect on my doing, to act upon my reflecting, and to sense at the moment of acting

Art braught me back to perception

MESH (2023)

installation, participatory, in collaboration with Antje Brückner

"I and the other", making and changing connections and relations

we want to experience the responsibility we hold with each of our actions and the positioning we take, the relativity of our freedom in inter-relating

residency at KunstOrt, Kunst im Depot, Winterthur

August 18th 2023 public Salon KunstOrt Winterthur

Septemer 15th - 17th 2023 FatArt Fair, Schaffhausen

car mirrors, pulleys, carabiners, ropes, strings and elastic

thanks to the support of City of Zurich for Covid-working grant 2022

safe new world (party on the planet), 2022

installation in collaboration with Antje Brückner

September 9, 10, 11 2022 FatArt, Schaffhausen

200 x 300 x 300

rotor, mesh wire, paper, 4 beamers on tripods

in safe new world (party on the planet)the relations between continents and countries continuously get shifted. Questions on unification and identity of globalization emerge and get relativized. We stimulate thoughts on fluctuating dis/balance of power, ex- and inclusion, alienation and integration.

thanks to the support of City of Zurich for Covid-working grants 2021 and 2022


2021 a series of postcard-sized illustration-like drawings

ink, pencil, ochres


lady's head (2020) girl's head (2021)

small girl's head (2022,gone)

ochres, pencils portrait (2021)

male's head (2022, gone)

head (2022)



landscapes / architecture

2019 Tehran Istanbul, Blue Mosque

2018 Guarda (gone)

2017 view from Duttweilerbrücke Zurich

2016 inspirations from Rietberg Museum

2015 Bishorn

2014 Konya Mevlana Mausoleum

Gruppen-Stück 2017

installation, Atelier Colorant Zurich

140 x 230 x 270

wood, polished and unpolished steel-panels, mirrors

the installation was build from some of the panels used in the set for "roundabout, windows of opportunity".

It is a silent observing from different points of view and perspectives. A group of reflecting panels and mirrors return your own gaze and at the same time watch you without constraint.

The issue of looking and point of view obtain a new dimension: what plays from inside out and back in the performance, directs itself from the outside onto the installation and expands towards the outside. At the same time intimate between observer and panels the "Gruppen-Stück" also reaches out and opens into the outward space, thus receiving newly intertwined dimensions, extensions and layers.

temporary exhibition

a miniature exhibition on the window of my kitchen door for those creatures that awaken at night and love to be entertained





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