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Arts are means of communication. Dance and music as non-verbal communication forms bear potiential for inter-cultural exchange.

How does the cultural background stain attitudes and expressions in art. How do social behaviour patterns influence artistic language and exchange?

In our times of globalization and individualisation - which to my understanding unfortunately more and more often are being lived out in a culturally splitting and disintegrating manner - I deem it necessary to find fields and levels of interaction where understanding and approach are possible and can be practised in a „safe“ framework.

Globality asks for communication, individuality and openness in sharing.


cultural exchange project: improvisation and Instant Composition music/dance with artists from different cultural backgrounds

Through the playful way of improvisation we use our individual experience to enrich and be enriched in unique moments of sharing art. Improvisation is a playful form of interaction in which we learn to observe our patterns of behaviour without evaluation, and to directly practise our artistic means of expression in the exchange with others.

2009"instants 1" Bangkok , residency at Patravadi Theatre

teaching, exchanging and building a short choreography for the students

2011 "instants 2" Kairo, collaboration with HARAKA dance, sadly this had to be cancelled due to the just starting revolution. A postponement for 2012 didn't work out, the system had changed drastically and the positions in contemporary dance education had been shifted

2012 "instants 3" India

Bangalore, collaboration with Kha Foundation

Kottayam / Cotchi in collaboration with Saaram Center, Murielle Ikareth

Schacher / Stöcklin, dense moments - a song cycle, sounding bodies - moving sounds, one hand clapping (2013 - 2015 see Instant Composition projects)

Jan and I both love to travel, and we were very much interested in exchange with international artists. We traveled to Delhi / India, Habana / Cuba and Tokyo / Japan where we researched, taught and did exchange projects with local artists

a project in Kyoto with a group of deaf dancers unfortunately never got pulled through

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