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Interdisciplinary projects

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asking questions about how the different artistic media movement, sound, space / light could meet and interact on eye-level I started to research interdisciplinary. In the due some projects evolved and eventually I wrote my master thesis on co-relations. I developed a means of working between the artistic media, looking for translation between aspects of the media: movement in space, light and sound, musicality in movement and space and light, space in movement, music and light...What I aim for is to create one whole piece of art in which athmospheres are being created and spaces for sensing, emotions and for individual associations open up.

bits'n pieces (2022)

interdisciplinary artistic research in the context of linkage and fragmentation

- looking for translations of digital methods into the analogue

- asking how a "before" and an "after" of a disturbing event can be connected, and what changes

with Antje Brueckner (light), Claudia Tolusso (space), Vivian Wang (sound)

documentation: artists' book:

Juni; Juli, August; Oktober 2022

with the kind support of Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zurich, Freiraumbeitrag; Stadt Zürich Kultur JazzRockPop, Dr. Adolf Streuli Stiftung

SPACE nr2, rain (2017)

installation performance, interdisciplinary solo; Master piece for CAP, HKB

duration 30 minutes

Hovering lights. Swinging bottles.

It starts to drip, steadily, clear as glass.

An interdisciplinary solo chasing for inbetween spaces.

In SPACEnr2, rain I face the challenge to act in an interdisciplinary manner as soloist. Light, sound, space and movement are being interwoven by the performer into an interacting net.

Do not hang your wet laundry out-of-doors, otherwise it will start to rain. In SPACEnr2, rain it does this also indoors:

Hovering lights. Swinging bottles.

At some point it starts to drip, steadily, clear as glass. More and more and always louder. Her body blazes a trail chasing for inbetween spaces. Between falling and holding on, storm and silence, light and shadow.

The playing with the artistic media is as one with the elements, wherein the performer seeks to hold the events at bay.

Total: password: SPACE nr2

June 16, 17 2017, Rennweg 26, Biel

Sept 6 2017 (exerpt), St Peter and Paul's church, Scha’a Smanit,

Musicfestival Bern

“roundabout, windows of opportunity” (2016), installative performance with Antje Brückner, light, Anselm Caminada, sound

Who is not familiar with joyfully secretive observing through a mirror? In a circle, surrounded by more or less reflecting panels a game of eye-catching, building contact and view-point accelerates towards a tumultuous chase between performer, light and sound.

The interdisciplinary collective of Angela Stoecklin, dance, Anselm Caminada, sound, and Antje Brueckner, light in their pieces search for a balanced interplay between the artistic media, and research around their meeting points and overlaps. Questions concerning performance-space and the respective relation between public and players also inform their work.

In roundabout, windows of opportunity the three of them enter a circle which is surrounded by more or less reflecting panels, roundabout of view-point, eye-catching and relating.

What starts playfully as a search for eye-contact accelerates towards a tumultuous chase between light, sound and performer. The joy of playing „I see something which you don’t see“, and of directly or secretly observing from changing perspectives is starting point in the field of tension between performer and public.

Zirkusquartier Zurich: 26, 27, 28 February; 12, 13 March 2016

full docu:, password: round_doc_1604

SPACE nr1 “floating” (2015), Soloversion and Trioversion with Antje Brueckner and Anselm Caminada

a performative installative space

visions of light unsteadily dance across walls and ceiling, dip the space into a magical play of light and darkness. A figure, secret tamer, directs this game. Stately sounds set up atmospheres which get more and more dense.

the figure rises, her shadow glides across the wall into the hights, mirage in glimmering sands.

Reflecting planes, distorted shadows that overlap, all of a sudden the face being recognized in a looking glass. Movement gets doubled, tippled, the eye confused when habitual orientation gets broken up and shifted.

A space of lights, shadows, movement and sounds, does not want to tell stories but allows for manifold situations to enfold.

Mai 2105, ACT Zürich, Soloversion

Juni 2015, à suivre Bern, Soloversion

„erfrischend anders“ (2013/14), artistic research on interdisciplinarity with movement, sound, light and space in collaboration with Antje Brueckner, light, Anselm Caminada, sound

learning more about the basic aspects of the different media to later be able to understand better how they can interact, overlap, cross borders or need to stay seperate

January 2015, Rote Fabrik Zürich: Trioversion of Space nr1, "floating"

this four week research was the base for my master thesis "co-relations"

with the kind support of Stadt Zurich Kultur, Research funding

„ghosts“ (Spazio Ludens 2) (2013) installative performances with Antje Brueckner, light, Anselm Caminada, sound, Matthias Rueegg, space

installative Performances on co-existencies, imaginary and real spaces

„have you ever wondered  at the thoughts, imaginations and imagery that happen at the very same moment in the minds of the surrounding people, or those in that city or country or world...?“

An evening in two parts about co-existencies, real and imaginary spaces. Equal positioning between the artistic media performance, music, space and light distinguishes this work.

In „ghosts”, (Spazio Ludens2) three performers, a musician, a visual artist and a lighting designer interact in different spaces: a transparent box and a room full of stuff which is being shifted around constantly. You find yourself in the midst between dream and nightmare, densely atmospheric imagery and silently scurrying shadows. Coherent compositions oscillate with the chaotic, the childlike is alternated by the sinister.

whole piece:



2013 Aug 11th, 13th, 14th Colorant.LAGER, Zürich

Sept 8.Sept 7th, 8th, Nachtgalerie, Zürich

Dec 13th, 14th, ProbeBühne Cîrqu'enflex, Basel

2014 Jan 23rd, 24th, Stanzerei, Baden May 16th, 17th Steckborn, Festival Tanz:now

2020 Feb 6th, 7th, 8th, 38th Fadjr International Theater Festival

Tehran, Iran

with the Iranian sound artist Peter Pirhosseinloo for Anselm Caminada, performer Mahsa Ranjbarjan and actor Hamid Reza Bodaghi

2021 Sept 24 - 28 IDEA Amman, Jordan: the performances were cancelled due to C-19 restrictions. However Antje and I are holding 4 workshops:

- interdisciplinary playground (3 days) related to "ghosts"

- approaches to composition

- dramaturgy

- lighting

with the kind support of Fachstelle Kultur Kanton ZH, Stadt Zürich Visual Arts and Dance (Performance support), Migros Kulturprozent, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Georges and Jenny Bloch Stiftung, a private sponsor, Stadt Basel Kulturpauschale and Stadt Baden (Deficit-guarantee), embassy of Switzerland in Iran, SIS

“trans-form” (2012)

collaboration with Marie-Cécile Reber, music

and Jan Schacher,video,image,interaction

on a white open field and a space continuously being structured by screens movement (Angela Stoecklin, music (Marie-Cécile Reber) and light and images (Jan Schacher) play and become entwined. They interact in multiple layers of tension between freedom and dependance, structure and limitation, and try themselves with the imposibility of communication. Reciprocal restrictions lead to breaking out and flight, mutual impulses to an approach, which allows flickering moments of synchronicity. Engagement densifies and transforms, and unnoticably perception shifts.

The interdisciplinary performance „trans-form“ deals with in/dependency and control in relationships and encounters.

Questions about and within the language of medial confrontation are being put. In the juxtaposed fierce yet tender game between human and technology subtly our by media transfused society is being mirrored.

“…there is both, an inner and an outer tension. The body’s steps, the metamorphosis of the light and the many layers of the sound for moments fall into one, …

…the transformation is very well succeeded. The whole piece has a structured dynamics and gives you the feeling of an eternal continuation of the critique and thus self-critique of the physical an psychological limits…”

Kulturkritik, Katalin Leichtfried, 15.2.2012

2012 February 2/3/4 Theater der Kuenste, Zurich

Febuary 10/11 ProbeBuehne Cîrqu’enflex, Basel

February 23/24 Suedpol Lucerne

with the kind support of

Kanton Zurich., City of Zurich, City of Lucerne FUKA-Fonds, Kanton Lucerne, Ernst Göhner Foundation, Kultur Basel-Stadt, Kopp Maus Foundation, Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft Luzern


collaboration with videoartist Janeth Berrettini and sound artist / technician Götz Dihlmann

dance/video/sound interact live in a performance in urban space.

looking for apparent and hidden signs of the anonymous passers by of a public "non-space", transition between an every-day lively cross-section and a nightly prostitution area. It uncovers layers of memory. The poetic potential of this space is being transformed and enlargened by media and dance. Video entangles in projections, creates new spaces which are being opened up by the dance. A magical experience for the eye.

2011 August 7th, 8th stromereien Festival, Zurich

Licht-Spiel (2011), artistic research between light/space and movement in collaboration with Götz Dihlmann

joyfully experimenting on the manifold facets of interaction between artificial light, space and movement. With conventional and unconventional lighting sources we create light-spaces, and search for a specific movement language which is asked for according to these space-body relationships. We want light to come into movement, movement shall make light visible: a construction site without the aim of a finished construction, constantly creating a vision anew, so as to find new possibilities which can constantly change.

We were looking for a collection of experiences. Starting from a spacial material situation or an idea we would play until a meaning or contents would begin to evolve. In improvisational manner we would decide constantly how long and in what manner o stick to this idea, if it should be given a fresh turn, or if we would approach something different.

this research was base to the projects "box" and "roundabout, windows of opportunity"

with the kind support of Stadt Zurich Kultur, research funding

"mélange étrange" (2009/10)

collaboration with:

Daniela Zehnder light, projections, photos

Janeth Berrettini video, live-camera

Hermann Buehler sound

Goetz Dihlmann technique

an installative dance/image/sound-performance carries you off into a moving spacial-sensuous experience:

Rhythmicising of image, space, sound, movement - overlapping and friction of the media, as if they did a dance together. Images and film-sequences are being projected onto screens and walls, wilfully confront the performance-space with strange architectoral worlds, and create transcending spaces of their own. They connect with sound-compositions modulated from different musical and everyday sounds, in the midst of which a performer conquers her space in the antagonism of the expansive media.

Step by step the spectator gets led from an outside- everyday environment into the magic of a performance world. Outside spaces, aperture vistas, mirrorings in which the performer, turning her language more and more into a dance, continually gets a stronger impact and in the end encounters the inside space and her virtual self.

2010 February 5th, 6th ProbeBühne Cîrqu’enflex, Basel

February 12th, 13th, 14th Tanzhaus Zuerich

a coproduction of Tanzhaus Zuerich

with generous support of Artephila Stiftung, Georges und Jenny-Bloch Stiftung, SIS-Schweizerische Interpreten Stiftung, Dr. Adolf Streuli-Stiftung, Basel Stadt Kultur, Kultur Stadt Zurich, Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zurich, Ernst Göhner Stiftung

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